Louie Barry: Through the eyes of a former English FA Talent ID Manager

Ahead of the seemingly imminent transfer of FC Barcelona’s Louie Barry to Aston Villa. We asked former Talent ID Manager for the English FA, and current Head of Academy Recruitment at Nottingham Forrest – Daniel Dodds to profile Barry for our followers, and Villa fans.

“Louie came to the 2003’s group assessment camps at Loughborough in the summer of 2017. He was one of the expected high flyers of that group because we were well aware of him at West Brom. He’d scored a lot of goals at club level and one that we knew would likely be able to transfer that scoring ability when surrounded with so much attacking talent which that group had.

As a player his real strength is his work rate, he’s constantly pressurising the opposition when they are on the ball, looking to create opportunities for himself to nick the ball high up the pitch. He is quick, and looks to play of the shoulders of the defenders, always looking for space behind them to be able to run into. He’s good in 1v1’s and scores a lot of goals from balls in behind that he can run onto. He’s very much in the mould of a Jamie Vardy. He’s a bubbly likeable kid, always laughing and smiling and liked by the other members of the squad.

Given his goal scoring record with England it wasn’t a surprise that he would get interest from other clubs; but it was a bit of a surprise he went to FC Barcelona, albeit it would be difficult to turn down that opportunity. I just felt given his skill set and style of play he was much better suited to the English game than perhaps a slower paced more technical game like in Spain which wouldn’t really exploit Louie’s assets.

If the news is to be believed that he set to sign for Aston Villa then I think this is a good move for him, he’ll get opportunities at the club and as I mentioned above the style of play in the UK is much better suited to Louie’s skill set. As far as potential is concerned his ability to score goals will always mean he will have the opportunity to succeed. His challenge will be developing physically while maintaining his speed which is a huge asset for him, if he continues to have these alongside his goal scoring then I am sure he can go to have a successful career in the game.”

(all quotes solely sourced by the scouted hub.)